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Airbrush Recommendation

The weather outside is rainy so now I have some time to write a bit about airbrushing again. As some of you might know I’ve been incredibly busy lately, hence I wasn’t able to post much new material onto my blog for past month or so. I still want you to have something to read and to explore. For quite a few weeks I have stumbled across couple of sites that helped me and I think it will also help you in getting new ideas … and to help you to walk the road called airbrush.

I didn’t want to keep these web pages just to myself and decided to share them with you. I don’t know if you’ve already known some of these sites but I’m sure you are going to like them. Instead of myself writing, you will actually access already written great quality content articles and it’s all about airbrush.

Chuck Bauman recommends cheap airbrushes

I’m sure you all know Chuck Bauman and his website. But what I want to share here is actually one page on his web that can help anyone on the budget. Here Chuck shares his own experience with cheap airbrushes and also recommends some of them.

To get started you probably want not to invest a lot of money at first. There are some good cheap airbrushes. I have tested lots of the lower-priced airbrushes. Some cheap airbrushes are good and others are not.

What do you think? Thrilled? The web page color scheme is a bit of a contrast (white and yellow text on the black background) and aligned to the center. It looks almost like a sales page and it may force people to leave before they even start to read. I will give you one more quote to convince you not to hesitate anymore and check it out.

These things are great. The paint very well and they are extremely durable. These come out of the same factory as the expensive fancy-name-brand airbrushes…

Awesome. He also has some tutorials and stencils on his website ;)

Don’s Airbrush Tips

This is a website by retired manufacturing engineer Don Wheeler.

I titled my site Don’s Airbrush Tips, but maybe I should have called it Don’s Airbrush Adventures.  A few years ago I started building plastic kits as a hobby, and it wasn’t long before I decided that I needed an airbrush.

Many people come to airbrushdoc because of airbrush reviews I have here. There is just a few of them at the moment and I’m always trying to get my hands on more stuff to review but almost every time I need sponsors…

This guy has done a lot of reviews and spent his own money on all the airbrushes just because it is his hobby.

When I started this site, the 155 was my only airbrush.  Since then, I’ve added a few more.  Each time I got a new one, I added a page to review it.

Totally recommend it, worth to check it out. Link


The artists behind this web are into airbrushing, technical art, cartoons, business cards, logo designs and more. They also provide airbrush classes.

If you have a need or urge to exchange visual and / or literal information and would like to find out how this can be done in an effective way, you have come to the right address to accumulate your information from.

This website has even an airbrush poem on it ;) sweet. Definitely recommend to spend some more time to explore the whole website. I’m sure you will find a lot of great info.

This is all for today as I haven’t managed to find more. I am sure there is more, I just don’t know about it….yet. I will welcome any recommendation from you. Also there is a great airbrush forum out there from my dear friend AirbrushTutor.

Since he launched this forum it became very popular and his audience started to grow with skyrocket speed. He already hosted two airbrush competitions with great prizes. Totally recommend to join in.

If you find any of these resources just a bit useful I’ll be glad if you share it at least with one of your friends.

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