Airbrush Recommendation

The weather outside is rainy so now I have some time to write a bit about airbrushing again. As some of you might know I’ve been incredibly busy lately, hence I wasn’t able to post much new material onto my blog for past month or so. I still want you to have something to read and to explore. For quite a few weeks I have stumbled across couple of sites that helped me and I think it will also help you in getting new ideas … and to help you to walk the road called airbrush.

I didn’t want to keep these web pages just to myself and decided to share them with you. I don’t know if you’ve already known some of these sites but I’m sure you are going to like them. Instead of myself writing, you will actually access already written great quality content articles and it’s all about airbrush. Continue reading Airbrush Recommendation

Paasche Talon Airbrush Review

Today’s review candidate is a dual action, gravity feed, internal mix airbrush called Paasche Talon from Paasche Airbrush Company. First of all I want to say that without this review will not be possible. Thank you guys!

The Paasche Airbrush Company is one of the oldest companies in airbrush industry. I have written a bit about history of Paasche Airbrush Company some time ago. It was just a matter of time to review one of their airbrushes. Continue reading Paasche Talon Airbrush Review

Master Airbrush Review

In today’s airbrush review I decided to start with quote from one of emails I’m getting from my readers “It seems like you have reviewed the top models of several brands. On the other end of the spectrum, I realized there are some unknown manufacturers offer something that looks like the high-end airbrushes, e.g., Iwata CM-C Plus. I hope you won’t find my suggestions boring. I suppose most people won’t have the budget to buy many airbrushes & many like myself has learn things the hard way wasting $ on the quest to find the most right tool.

I don’t have that particular airbrush that looks like Iwata CM-C Plus to make a decent review but I happened to have the one that looks exactly as Iwata CM-B and that costs under 40 bucks with delivery and everything. The manufacturer is from China and the brush is called Master Airbrush BD-200.

It is a double action airbrush with regulation of paint amount. On the first look and touch you will think that this is solid and fine airbrush and maybe you will be curious why this tool is so cheap?

So let’s see if this is good stuff for small money. Continue reading Master Airbrush Review

Badger Renegade Airbrush Review

I would place Badger Airbrush in top ten best airbrush brands of the world, well at least from what I’ve heard about this brand. But I have never tried or even seen one for real – until now. When I’ve got the opportunity I knew that another review in my “airbrush reviews” category will follow very soon. And I’m pleased that I got something like Badger Renegade line of quality airbrushes in my hands. Badger’s website informs us that this line is especially for “the proven elite artist“. So, let’s see if they are right. As I looked on the web I found some info about them and some reviews as well and one of them was from modeler who claimed, that “they are dead wrong and that these airbrushes are only for the modelers, no matter what skill level they at, but who wants a quality, double action airbrush and for reasonable price“. Continue reading Badger Renegade Airbrush Review

Iwata Custom Micron Review (C+)

I’ve made couple of reviews already and I couldn’t wait to write this one (the special one) about Iwata Custom Micron C Plus airbrush (CM C+). All because the fact that it has been all this time within my reach. In one of my earlier posts you can see a video Airbrushing Mural where my brother is working with this particular airbrush.

So, what’s so special about this airbrush and why will every professional tell you that Iwata CM C+ is awesome airbrush and they all just love it?  Continue reading Iwata Custom Micron Review (C+)