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Paasche Talon Airbrush Review

Today’s review candidate is a dual action, gravity feed, internal mix airbrush called Paasche Talon from Paasche Airbrush Company. First of all I want to say that without this review will not be possible. Thank you guys!

The Paasche Airbrush Company is one of the oldest companies in airbrush industry. I have written a bit about history of Paasche Airbrush Company some time ago. It was just a matter of time to review one of their airbrushes.

According to price tag I have to admit I was not expecting something huge. So let see what will we get for this price? Airbrush comes packed in a generic Paasche cardboard box. All the parts are protected with flat foam inserts. Good enough for shipping but not the best for storage (this is what makes this airbrush cheaper, last time I checked it was $72).

In the box, apart from the gun (0.38mm nickel silver tip, 0.4 Ounce cup with cover, pre-set needle stop, crown air cap) you will find another needle with the tip (0.25mm size), airbrush wall holder, wrench set and 6ft (2m) braided hose.

Interesting thing I’ve noticed when I opened the box was the large paint cup. I said to myself that this can be very heavy or cause balance problem until I will get used to it. But this is only the feeling.

Unusual is a crown cap but its function makes sense. What I mean is that many artists, while painting fine details, are taking the cap off risking destroying the needle tip. Crown cap gives you a possibility to paint fine art close-up without need to take cap off. I must give Paasche Company a big plus for decision to use it here.

Air cap and nozzle tip is very simple and functional. Tip is screw in type, so there is nothing like self-centering, it also means that tip does not rely on the air cap to hold it in place. You can use tip wrench to tighten the tip properly but be careful not to strip the threads.

About the big paint cup – I liked the lid. It provides more functions in one. Besides that your paint won’t dry very quickly it gives you the ability to tilt airbrush sideways without any paint spillage.

The trigger itself is in a solid piece opposed to high-end brushes. It is ball and socket design which provides very smooth movement. Assembly is also much easier.

At the rear of the handle you can find the pre-set adjustment knobs. There are actually 2 knobs that move independently. Operation is simple. Smaller knob is used to limit the trigger pull back motion and helps to obtain stable width of the lines. Using this feature allows you to pre-set the maximum amount of paint flow.

Once you have the travel set, you can move the larger knob to line up the marks. Using just the smaller knob from this moment on will move both knobs together.

Besides the needle and nozzle tip inside the brush you are getting replacement needle and nozzle tip with air cap. I thought that it is just replacement but when I compared them I found out that it is in fact a different size.

All these parts look solid and almost unbreakable.

After rough describing of the brush I think I should mention that you will get a booklet and manual with this brush.

In the manual book you will find useful lessons for beginners. Even if you are totally new to airbrushing you should not have any problem to start using it from day one.

I have run till today a bit of Createx paint through this airbrush and I have to admit I was not expecting that airbrush in this price range will be that good.

Here are some lines and dots compared to 2 cent euro coin.

Cleaning this gun is simple and after short time it becomes routine and takes just a moment. There is one thing that has been wrecking my head for a week – Allen wrench. I just could not find where it goes. No signs anywhere on the Internet how to use it. I was going to write to manufacturer but then I found it myself. No more words, here is the picture.


With the 0.38mm and 0.25mm head set-up, this is a really surprisingly very good airbrush which can take care of most tasks, from the base coat to fine art details. All The parts are very well machined with feeling of durability and German solidness. The airbrush has everything it should have and no useless parts. I have to take my hat off to the engineers from Paasche Company. Any parts are available to get and are inexpensive. The only con on my side was the short hose (at least for me). Of course you can buy longer one and get more freedom but this is only my personal feeling. If your art piece has small size you’ll be alright with 2 meters hose.

My overall feeling is that I really like this tool and I still can’t believe that this quality airbrush gun can be that cheap (Update: My gun is still fine but there are people with kind of different experience, check this out – bad talon).

Big thanks to Chicago Airbrush Supply to be so kind for sponsoring this review. Follow that link to get to the page with actual price.

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17 Comments on “Paasche Talon Airbrush Review”

  • I have too. but there is often a problem in aircap. O ring can not close properly and the wind out

    • Thanks man for your comment

      • Hi Sergej! I never use airbrush before and painted my models by the brushes. Now I want to make the perfect model of Mi-24 1:72 and try to choose a good airbrush. All people recommended to buy IWATA HP-C Plus. However price for full set will be too much. I look for the Paasche Talon TG-3F Set from chicagoairbrushsupply but there are a lot of negative reviews in internet. Some people said that trigger is too hard. I hope that Paasche solved this issue as they said that “The trigger and air valve have been redesigned to allow for a smoother stroke as well as ease of assembly and durability”. What do you know about this?

        • Hello Mark,

          Yes, Paasche seems to have had problems with some of their Talon airbrushes. I have got a sample airbrush from Chicago Airbrush Supply and didn’t have those problems but you can also read and responses of people.

          I can check with guys from Chicago Airbrush Supply how the Talon airbrushes are going, if they have much returns or complains, so maybe it will be helpful to you. I will let you know later…


          • Thank you very much Sergej! It will be great if you check it with these guys! I can buy IWATA HP-CP but Talon Set looks also very good.

          • Yep, just received email from Chicago Airbrush Supply that they asked Paasche company to give their statement about this.
            I hope it will not take ages :)

    • Use teflon tape for it!

  • None Self centering socket-type nozzle!!!

  • I purchased one of these almost two years ago, it has become my go to airbrush. I also have a couple high priced Iwatas, that have taken a back shelf to the Talon. The Talon is most forgiving, I use lacquer paints and some acrylic water borne paints. The airbrush preforms almost flawlessly each and everytime without serious maintenance.

    • Thank you for your positive response. I am satisfied with mine too.

  • Hi, will the handle with the trigger/needle stop fit/work in a PAASCHE VL dual action that does not have this, so you can limit the amount of paint and get a even line every time? I want to modify my PAASCHE VL to do this, and when I did a internet search I found that the Talon has this handle option, but if it will fit on my VL that will be great…

    • Hi Jeff,
      Do you want just to replace the handle with all the parts inside? Never had VL to try that, don’t know if the size will fit, let me measure it and I’ll put all the numbers here so you can check if it will fit the VL (give me some time..).

      • Yeah I want the handle with the trigger/needle stop, from the talon to put on the paasche vl so I can adjust my stop, I don’t know if the threads on the talon will thread on the VL of they are the same size threads, ok thanks

        • Hi Jerry,

          finally I got to meassure the threads – M11x0,7mm
          Also, don’t forget to lower the air pressure as well and let me know if if VL has the same treads, this would mean that we could use spare part from VL for Talon too :)


  • My Talon has functioned fine from day one to 4 years later. No issues and a great brush at the price point. It cant be beat.

  • Hi Sergej, I know this is an old post but I just received the Paasche Talon as a Christmas gift this year. I haven’t had the chance to put it to use ornpractice just yet but I will this week. This is the first airbrush I’ve owned since the 90’s. . I’m very excited to use it for painting models airplanes/cars/etc, as well as model rockets to launch. I’ll get to the point of this comment: my kit came with thenwooden storage box, 3 tips, needles, caps, etc., including a fan tip for broad coverage. One thing I’m a little upset about though is that my Talon did not come with the 2 piece, adjustable paint flow/trigger, travel knob. There is also no line mark on the anodized handle. I wouldn’t say this is a huge deal breaker but I would certainly like to have this option. Is this something that Paasche changed or did away with over the past few years since you did this review? Also, is this a part I can order from Paasche and swap out? There were a couple small tears in the foam inside the storage box and a few fingerprints or smudges on the airbrush when I first opened it. I’m beginning to wonder if the seller sent a used or returned item but still sold it as “brand new.” Again, not a big deal but something I noticed. Thanks in advance for you response! I enjoyed reading your review.