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Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Review

I’m going to talk about Infinity Two in One from Harder and Steenbeck. I have posted a review for Evolution airbrush from same manufacturer last week, and I was getting replies mostly about Infinity, so I decided to make separate review for this one too. The main purpose of this review is to compare these two airbrush guns.

This airbrush isn’t mine (I don’t own it); I borrowed it just for review purpose only. So let’s see what we’ve got in here… I’m not going to show unpacking process as I think box is not as important as it’s quality and performance. Anyway, here is the box:

This airbrush is rated as Hi-End class airbrush. It means that it is one of the top-notch airbrushes you can get on the market these days and because of that not everyone can afford it.

What is in The Box?

  • Nozzle with needle for 0.15 mm integrated
  • Nozzle with needle for 0.4 mm included
  • Paint cup 2 ml integrated
  • Paint cup 5 ml included
  • Quick-fix end piece with dial and distance cap
  • User manual

and the airbrush itself. The box isn’t something like in set of Aztek 7778 but it’s nice too. This is basic set only, but there are more parts you can buy separately such as nozzles with different sizes, protective lids for cups (as the basic set comes without lids).

The Technology of Infinity

Similar to the previous patient it is equipped with self-centering socket-type nozzle. The pros of this nozzle is that it has no threads and fixes by nozzle cap from one side and by air pressure on the Teflon seal from other side.

The trigger is regulated (by excenter technology), so it could be set to different levels (adjustable trigger resistance). This particular property makes this airbrush real double action.

That’s not everything yet. The “Quick-Fix” mechanism adjusts the needle traveling. This results in maximum paint flow adjustment.

Quick adjust and release mechanism comes with a numbered dial. If you need a fine line detail all you do during your work is that you push the quick-fix button at the back of the airbrush, set the dial to desired (pre-tested) maximum and draw your line.

On the next picture you can see two screws in opened quick fix (One is responsible for needle extinction and one for trigger adjustment). If you want to spray larger area pull the quick-fix button out and you are in full paint flow capacity. Push it back and you will get to fixed dial spray level again.

Swap of the needle caps is literally plug and play. In combination with distance cap, Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Two in One becomes almost unbeatable.

Two cups are beveled so it gives it some plus even comparing to Iwata and especially if you don’t use a lid. To have a beveled cup is great because you can hold the brush even at accurate angle without spilling paint (that’s probably the reason they ship it without lids, but you can additionally buy it if your type of work requires it).

Cleaning of Infinity

When it comes to cleaning, you will not have a problem pulling the gun apart and clean it, just be careful with the fine needle. Don’t worry if you are taking the airbrush apart for first time because when you start putting it all back again you find that all parts will fit one way only.


The airbrush fits into hand very well. The trigger really reacts to every finger move very sensitively. Easy to take apart and put it back again helps to make cleaning process easy and quick. If you won’t kill the needle with lacquer the rest is easy to clean and restore.

The Infinity requires a 1/8” connector for the airbrush hose. so if you’re using Iwata airbrush you should be fine. If you use Badger or Paasche, then an adaptor will be required.


As positive properties I will mention the quality (German precision says for itself), self-centering nozzle, distance cap for perfect lines, opened quick fix and its numbered dial. Overall feel is that airbrush is very user friendly.

Another great thing about Harder & Steenback airbrushes is their compatibility. Infinity, Evolution, Evolution Silverline, Ultra and some extent the Grafo use many common accessories and spare parts. For example many needles and nozzles for the Evolution also fit the Grafo, Ultra and the Infinity series.

The only con of this tool is its price. But quality always cost more. Overall I am very impressed by the work, look and feel of this very well balanced airbrush and can recommend it to everyone. If you don’t have enough finances for this guy I would recommend Evolution 2 in1 as it’s almost exact copy of infinity (or the other way around) except for few details that gives Inifnity the right to carry its name.

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Next time I’ll try to get my hands on my brother’s Iwata Custom Micron.

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35 Comments on “Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Review”

  • I have an Infinity 2in1 with the FPC valve, and an Iwata HP-CS, this H&S is superb, I would recomend it over anything else I’ve tried, and it may not be cheap, but it’s alot cheaper than a H&S CM C+ and personally, I think it has alot more going for it

    • sorry I ment cheaper than IWATA CM C+

      • Thanks for your comment. Now I see that I’m not the only one amazed by this tool. I had it for a few days only but now I’m considering to buy it (even that I have Evolution).

        Yep I get it anyway, I think that only Iwata has this CM C+ ;)

  • Nice review Sergej, thanks!
    I’m just starting using H&S airbrushes and I’m also amazed how well-considered they are.
    I have a question about one of the parts (see photo). Is’t only for the safety of needle during the transport or also for something else?

    I review you wrote ” The pros of this nozzle is that it has no treats”. I belive you meant threads. :-) English isn’t my mother tounge, so it took me a second to figure out what did you mean.

    • Thanks Oscar for pointing this out. English isn’t my mother tongue too but my mistake is unforgivable as the sentence doesn’t make sense after that :). So, I fixed it. Thanks again.

      About that part on the photo. Yes it is for protection only…
      Thanks ;)

  • Is this airbrush capable of making a spatter effect? I’m not very experienced with that, but I need it with my next airbrush… 

    • Hey L.
      I’m not very familiar with that effect either. But as much as I know it depends more on the technique to create those spatters than on airbrush gun. I’ll ask someone else to find out more and let you know later.
      btw, thanks for this question.

      • You can purchase a spatter cap for all the Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes. You can go to to find what you want. You can also go to to find all the dealers.

      • You can make any conventional airbrush spatter without buying a spatter cap. Turn down the air pressure so that the paint only just comes out of the airbrush. It should give a rather wide, irregular line. Then pull back the trigger all the way, quickly lift the index finger to release it, letting the spring push it back into the rest position. Depending on the water : paint mix ratio (I use between 10 : 1 and 20 : 1) you should get a controllable spatter pattern. You could do it as quick as you read, tic, tic, tic in this line to cover small or large areas with spattering. The lower the air pressure, the bigger the spatter droplets will be.

        And about the Infinity, what I like about the airbrush is that it has a tall trigger, which makes controlling the amount of mixture that is released by the gun quite accurate. But in my opinion it does not spray better than the Evolution. An advantage of both the Infinity and Evolution is the self-centering nozzle that allows artists to remove and insert the needle from the front end of the gun, which can prevent damaging the needle tip while cleaning the needle, beside the fact that no tools are required to remove and mount the nozzle.

        An other nice accessory by H&S is the reamer that is meant to clean the inside of the nozzle. If used with care this can be a useful tool.

        • Wow Chris,
          really informative and useful comment here. I agree that the self-centering is a great advantage and it should be implemented in all the airbrushes. H&S rules ;)

    • Just confirmed. It does not depend on the gun. You can do this effect with any airbrush, just have to learn that technique

    • Harder & Steenbeck sells a spatter cap that fits all needle sizes from 0.15 to0.6 for $20.

  • i have an infinity, my opinion :
    it s a not a airbrush very fine i sell it for a little euro :(
    very bad my opionion.
    i have iwata badger and devilbiss but iwata it s better but nozle and nedle very expensive so becarefull
    (i m french sory for my english)
    nb : in France iwata it s expensive more usa

    • thanks for your comment man, every opinion counts. Did you sell your infinity already? How much did you ask?

  • I have The Infinity 2&1, for my, is the rolls rolls of the airbrush. I’m very happy with this piece of art, also i have, Evolution 2&1, Evolution silverline fpc and Grafo T2. No complaint!

    •  Thanks for your opinion Rijafern,
      Every comment counts to help people decide on buying the best stuff ;)

  • Love it!

  • BTW, I got it on 50 (or 40?)% off. Deal of the lifetime!
    I use it for very fine work on small plastic models, only sometimes for an small drawings (my regular drawings are on average 22″X30″ – so Talon get more use).

    • Awesome deal, I would like to have this kind of deals. ;)

  • I’m impressed with the looks and quality also but, I need a review about how it works. Looks don’t pay the bills. As an airbrush artist I’m interested in the pros and cons of a .15 needle. How does it function with heavier paints, like Createx Wicked air, or Auto Air?

    • Hi Steve, good point, the proper review should have some more testing. I use to update my articles from time to time. Because you pointed this out I’ll try to update this one when I find some time. Thank for reading my stuff ;)

  • I have a nice Harder & Steenbeck Infinity 2 in 1 that only sprays air (plenty of air) NO liquid .. l. No liquid. Great air brush.(sprays air) Precision workmanship. Precision parts. Nice trigger. Nice feel. Sprays AIR .(LOL) I have had it for quite some time; bought all kinds of stuff for it but (guaranteenot honored .. the dealer never heard of me)(hence buy it on credit and return via the credit card) (I just checked the bill) IT WAS $300 (wasted) . plus the motor (Model AS180 and Testor blue motor too .. $210 for motors) and all of the paints (it does not spray) .. $75 ..but they did not say “paint brush” they said “air brush.” It sprays air!. Maybe i could make it into a shadow box for the wall. If anyone learns how to make the H&S airbrush spray liquid onto a surface kindly share how you got it to work.

    • Hello, did you buy the new one or second hand?
      Can you make some pictures or if possible some video trying the airbrush, how and What you do?
      Do you pull and push the trigger?

  • Well Serg. You made up my mind. I was trying to figure out which brush I should buy as a beginner, and it maybe a bit expensive,but I also like German quality. So the Infinity it is. Thanks for all your reviews, they are very intuitive,and interesting. Mike Hulas.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for feedback.

      • Hey Sergej, I’m going to paint, and camouflage radio controlled aircraft and was told that the Infinity 2 in 1 would not be a good choice, that I should go with an Evolution, or a one of the other high flow airbrushes by S & H. I was hoping that the Infinity 2 in 1 with the .4mm needle would be large enough for the opaque arcrylics that I need to use. What’s your opinion. Thanks in advance.

        • Hi Mike,
          Well that’s depends on the purpose, if you want to do a very fine details you will need infinity but if you don’t need it than you should be fine with evolution and it will be cheaper.
          Anyway, here is a good video on Youtube comparing these 2 airbrushes (I hope you don’t mind the accent :))

          • Thanks Sergej, and accents, well my mother was from Germany, and my father from the Ukraine, so I absolutely don’t mind accents.
            Happy New Year Sergej.

          • Happy New Year!

        • I use the 0.4 needle all the time with the likes of Vallejo Model Air (unthinned) and Alclad II lacquers. No problem at all.

          The default 0.15mm needle is a bit more picky, and you have to thin your paints and lacquers down a LOT to get a reliable flow.

  • G’day serg l got the infinity 2in1 couldn’t be happier it is the rollsroce of airbrushes highly reccomed to any airbrush artists .

  • Hello Sergi, Looks like I am 7 year late reading this, I have 2 each H&S infinitys and a lot of other Airbrushes, The Infinity is my Go-To Airbrush for super fine details, If I had known what I do now I doubt I would have bought any other (well maybe I would because there are some nice airbrushes). Still I would put it even with the Iwata Micron as far as performance and both the airbrush and it’s parts are much less expensive.

    • What paints do you use