Airbrush Art from Alexey Sulkovskiy

For a long time we didn’t have any airbrush artist presenting his art gallery here.

A few days back I stumbled on amazing airbrush art of Alexey Sulkovskiy and didn’t hesitate even for a minute to return an email to him. The response was exceptionally fast. Alexey agreed to share a short bio and his gallery with airbrushdoc audience. I’m speechless. Here’s a short article I’ve prepared with his cooperation.

My name is Alexey, I am an airbrush artist from Ukraine. I’ve airbrushed since 2005 and work practically in all the directions where airbrushing can be used.

At the beginning I’ve started working in numerous tuning ateliers of premium class. I’ve also attended some airbrush exhibitions, Television shows, my art has been published in motor-tuning magazines and only then I started to develop as an artist.

Nowadays I paint stuff for sale and also any pieces customized on customers request. I consider as one of my biggest achievements is the attendance at international exhibition of contemporary art in London. At the moment I co-operate with art salons in Kiev and I’ve given airbrush lessons for artists for 3 years already.

My Airbrush Art

Here are a few more snaps of my motor airbrushing.

For those of you who’d like to contact Alexey, see some contact informations below:


Алексей Сулковский (Alexey Sulkovskiy),
Phone: +380637097277,
/* – not active at the moment*/

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6 Comments on “Airbrush Art from Alexey Sulkovskiy”

  • Absolutely magnificent art. Thanks for sharing, Sergej.

  • That guy is magnificent! He is a artist no dough about it.

    • I could not find the proper word, “Stunning” is the right expression! Thanks Chris

  • Stunning work!

  • May i ask what the lettering on the back of the bike? It looks like some kind of greek letters or something. I just wanna know what it says