Airbrush Laptop Cover

I haven’t published any gallery on this blog for quite a long time and for this I feel terrible. Recently I’ve started writing a series about surface preparation and as a preview to my next part about preparing plastic surface I decided to show you what can be painted on things made of plastic and how cool it might look. The thinking didn’t take a long time before I’ve found a great candidate. As I found out from my little Internet research, one of the most popular surface to paint on in this area is laptop surface.

Many people these days can be associated with their gadgets and if one of these gadget gives you such a large surface as laptop, why not to paint it. The ideas of some people are really awesome, some on the other hand are very simple and some are real masterpieces. I believe every one of them has a small piece of its owner in it, especially if the owner painted it himself. I’ve posted some interesting nice galleries before (as you might have noticed) dedicated to cell phones or toilet seats which are, I would say, unconventional comparing to everyday airbrushed cars, but at the same time more affordable in the sense of money. Of course, and this might sound like it’s easier said than done, if you want to paint a laptop yourself, the only thing you have to be careful about is to take the cover off and then when the painting is done how to put it back on without breaking anything.

Huge part of this gallery contains art-works of members of my friends website I’m happy that I have such friends and all the credits for great work goes to them, thank you guys. Other than that there is many works that I have found at other places and I really don’t have an idea who the author is. If you find your work in this gallery, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will take appropriate action. What kind of action is explained in disclaimer.

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  • awesome collection.