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Free Stencils Update

All of my subscribers know that I have a page called FREEBIES where I’m giving away stencils for free. From time to time I add new stencils, so the freebies page grows. All I’m asking my visitors in order to get access to this page is to subscribe to my newsletter, it does not matter if they have any interest in airbrush nor they want just stencils. When I started with this blog I’ve shared some reference pictures and some skull stencils but people came, took and left (sometimes for good). That’s why I decided to ask for this small favor of subscribing. After that I’ve seen that people are subscribing and mostly they come again. Apart of the update of my newsletter I always inform everyone in my mailing list about new stencils added.

I’m not doing it periodically as it is very difficult to find some free time. Today I’ve added 7 new stencils to my freebie page and head on to write this entry as I think that I’ve forgotten something very important. I’ve forgotten to give a chance to new visitors to actually see what I’m offering. On the subscription page I have just some previews of stencils but you can not see what’s actually inside until you subscribe. Who’s with me for quite some time knows that at the start I was making stencils in CorelDRAW X5 format only (I decided on X5 because of my questionnaire I ran on my facebook fan page). BTW you can get access to my freebie page just by liking my facebook fan page with no subscription to newsletter required. The welcome page will change slightly after you click like and you will see the link.

After a few emails from my subscribers I extended my offer to 6 different formats. So now you can have every stencil in any format you may require. I’m exporting them, beside CorelDRAW X5 (cdr), into fomats as Adobe Illustrator (ai), Encapsulated PostScript File (eps), Scalable Vector Graphic (svg), Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf), Graphics Interchange Format (gif) and as a cherry on the top of the cake I decided to add to every stencil another cdr file but this time compatible with earlier version of CorelDRAW down to version 12 as some subscribers had problems with opening X5 cdr file in older CorelDRAW (the X5 is actually version 15). I believe this pallet of files will work on any PC but if I get any requests to extend this pallet, I promise to do my best.

So here is the actual (gallery) preview of stencils I’m offering. These are in jpg and have decreased resolution so their quality is reduced. If you are planning to print them on plotter in any size you want you have to try some of the formats mentioned above (cdr, ai, eps, svg, pdf or gif).

52 one layer and 5 multilayer stencils available at the moment. If you like any of them, or you just like to stay informed about updates on my blog, don’t hesitate to subscribe (use form bellow) or just like my facebook page. If you know that some of your friends might like this, then let them know by syndicating link to this blog entry in your social media (you may also use vertical sharebar on the left side of this page).


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  • Thanks for all the good info!

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  • thank you for this, im new to airbrush & have no clue so finding your How to make stencils is valuable to me, thanks for the education. i only paint 1/10 rc models & just bought a mini thermal printer to make decals & stencils for my cars. i have been wondering how to make stencils from pictures & it “seems” like your guide could help, iv not look yet