Vinylography Or Airbrushing On Vinyl Foil

What is Vinylography? Perhaps you may have heard of airbrushing on vinyl foil or at least about vinyl. Very often in airbrushing vinyl has been used for stenciling but some manufacturers went further and created a special foil that can be painted first in comfort of your home and then just been taken out and placed onto your car.

Easy, comfortable and it will give additional protection for your car hood and you can take it off after some time if you don’t like it and your old coat will be still there as new.

The one used in our example is Oracal 970 / 970 RA (with Rapid Air technology which makes application quick and easy without air bubbles). 3M makes some foils too but they are more expensive and harder to get in my location. Manufacturer gives 10 years warranty on black and white foil and you can also get other 26 colors however those have warranty 7 years.

I’ve also shoot video and posted it on YouTube. Watch it and read, I hope you’ll like it so far.

I used foil with size 1.52×1.5m. Before painting it has to be prepared. As abrasive I recommend using 3лю Trizact 1000 (that will be good enough). I also used Smirdex P2000 for wet sanding just as test.

As you can see from the images the foil has been fitted on the wall. Do not take the bottom layer off, just stick it around the edges with some tape. In my case I have used only one stencil to get the proportion of the painted head right and centered. All the rest of works have been performed as free-hand with help of small masks from time to time.

I forgot to mention the details of paint I’ve used. I tried Createx Classic and Auto Air and damn they hold like they were there all the time! But last time I stopped in our local modelers shop and they had some new paints, so I decided to give it a try as they were very cheap and seller told me that they are very good.

Revell Aqua Color from Germany. I will tell more about this paint later in other article but so far I have been satisfied with it. It holds very well on foil and because it is water based you can work with it indoors.

This is all for today. Any additional tips are welcome. If you like it please share, like and tweet. I’ll try to bring more soon.


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