Camouflage Reference and Stencils

Camouflage pattern 5 - Camouflage Reference and Stencils

A long time ago I’ve prepared a reference pack to download with a name Camouflage and actually I have forgotten about it. Last week I’ve received an email from one subscriber named Marc. He was asking about digital camouflage stencils. So I jumped on that topic and decided to create a few stencils. After some time spent creating them I realized I’ve had reference material, so I decided to add that to today’s article too. But what kind of article would it be if it had just pictures.

Today I’m going to include some preview of references with option to download, also a preview of stencils with the option to download and at last some description, recommendations, “how to”, history and a very useful links that will help you with everything around this type of painting. Continue reading “Camouflage Reference and Stencils”

Multilayer Stencils

multilayer stencils - Multilayer Stencils

Anyone hungry for stencils? I’ve updated my freebies page with some new, one layer stencils. Whilst preparing new stencils for my celebrity theme I noticed that celebrities look better and show more character if they have more color shades then only two. As I’ve been posting guides for making stencils and making multilayer stencils I have not yet added any of layered stuff to my freebies.

So I created a few of those and decided to tell everyone, not just my subscribers. Continue reading “Multilayer Stencils”

Free Stencils Update

free stencils1 - Free Stencils Update

All of my subscribers know that I have a page called FREEBIES where I’m giving away stencils for free. From time to time I add new stencils, so the freebies page grows. All I’m asking my visitors in order to get access to this page is to subscribe to my newsletter, it does not matter if they have any interest in airbrush nor they want just stencils. When I started with this blog I’ve shared some reference pictures and some skull stencils but people came, took and left (sometimes for good). That’s why I decided to ask for this small favor of subscribing. After that I’ve seen that people are subscribing and mostly they come again. Apart of the update of my newsletter I always inform everyone in my mailing list about new stencils added. Continue reading “Free Stencils Update”