Airbrush Fire Reference Pictures Pack to Download

Many people use reference pictures to make their work easier and to make final painting look more realistic.
This pack was downloaded from one famous torrent tracker and I hope author of this pack doesn’t mind that I will share it here.

Description of Fire Reference Pictures Pack

– 254 pictures
– Various resolution, covering different aspects of fire.

Samples of Fire Reference Pictures

Further Notes

Let’s make some fire! I don’t mean burning down stuff, I mean painting as real as possible, though I’ve got to say I enjoy seeing stuff seeing burned down – but no worries I’m not a pyromaniac!

I bet many of you are wondering how to make fire with the airbrush. It’s kind of tricky to get it right. I remember my first attempt. It looked like some kind of weird jelly. However, the purpose of this pack is not to teach you how to do it step by step, rather check if you’re doing it the right way. However if you’re interested there is lots of tutorials out there covering the fire airbrushing techniques.

You may notice that there is not many pictures of smoke – that’s because I’ll cover smoke in the next pack, so stick around. Any comments are welcome. If you want to request or contribute to this pack you can find the contact information in ‘readme.txt’ file.
Size of this pack is 145MB
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pass: airbrushDOC


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