PAASCHE Airbrush – Big Name in Airbrush History

Jens working on airbrushes 1910 - PAASCHE Airbrush - Big Name in Airbrush History

Airbrush history of the 20th century starts with name PAASCHE.

The gunsmith Jens Andreas Paasche emigrated from Norway in 1900. For a while he worked for Thayer and Chandler but then left them and in 1904 started his own airbrush company. Same way as Olaus S. Wold who has left “Thayler and Chandler” too and called his company Wold Airbrush Company“, Paasche gave his company name “Paasche Airbrush Company”. Continue reading “PAASCHE Airbrush – Big Name in Airbrush History”

Airbrush by Charles Burdick

Charles Burdick - Airbrush by Charles Burdick

Another important name in history of Airbrush apart from Liberty Walkup, Thayer and Chandler or Paasche is Charles Burdick.

Charles Burdick came from a family of inventors and pioneers. He worked on various patents and designs throughout his life and is widely attributed with the design of the Airbrush. Following the World Fair he moved to Great Britain where he set up a new airbrush manufacturing company, the Fountain Brush Co., in Clerkenwell Green, London. Continue reading “Airbrush by Charles Burdick”