DIY Compressor by Albastrelu Viorel

Just a few weeks ago I received a question from one of my Facebook follower asking me if I can share his work with my audience.

He has build his own “DIY” air compressor. The nice thing about it is that the compressor was build by following my tutorial called “Silent Compressor” which I’ve published some time ago. To be honest I could not wait to see it! Viorel describes this project a little bit below here – why he did it, what material did he use and what was the cost.

My reason to built a silent compressor was obvious, the noise from my other one was bothering me. For materials and cost – I used a fire extinguisher tank and copper pipes to get as much psi stored as possible (although my pressure switch cut’s off at 4 bar/60 psi, enough for me), a compressor from a refrigeration room system thing, hence a bigger compressor. I’ve used a gasoline filter and oil filter and I mounted a pressure switch, gauge, and pressure reducer with a water filter at the end. The total cost only on the small things was about 50 Euros because I already had the compressor and the tank. That’s all I can say for now.

I think this is really enough, if someone wants to read more in detail the whole process with tips and recommendations then check diy compressor or compressor with pressure switch. I think that there is no need to write about the build process all over again. Viorel didn’t make that many snaps of it, but still I think we will get it.

On this picture is compressor Embraco Aspera T6220GK from air conditioning system. After some searching on internet I have found a product-sheet of this system where you can check its specifications. The price for it, if you want to buy new, is around €180 here in Europe.

Above is an old fire extinguisher tank with already welded support base for compressor, welded feet and mounted practically all the air system with gauge, pressure switch and water filter. Below you can see same thing without air system because it was painted. As you can see Viorel gave it something like branding.

And here is finished “thing”. As Viorel mentioned he has used copper pipes instead of rubber hoses between compressor and tank to save as much psi as possible. Not a bad thinking. Another trick could be to make those pipes really short, but I have not tried such a thing, so this is just my thought.

This guy has done a great job and I’m sure he’s going to enjoy it.

If your hands grow the right way and if it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable to make something yourself then first of all you will get something that can cost hundreds just for €50 and the fact that it’s your own creation will make you proud for yourself.

Viorel finished his e-mail with this message:

Thx. Keep up the great job with your blog“.

This is my motivation, messages like this. When I know that I didn’t do that just for myself. So don’t keep it for yourself and share it with your friends.

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  • Ha Ha! I waited a while for this post to come…thx..sincerely A.Viorel (Crow)