Tuning of Airbrush Evolution Two in One

When you buy a new airbrush it’s nice clean and shiny and if you will clean it after every use be sure it is going to work for many years. I use this airbrush for four years and I love it. Some of its specs from official website:

  • A double-action airbrush
  • Innovative level mechanism
  • Self centering socket-type nozzle
  • Handling simplicity
  • All Evolution parts among each other are compatible
  • Future-orientated system structure
  • Brilliant spray characteristics
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio

Please don’t think I’m promoting this airbrush on my site. I just wanted to share some experience I had during my work with this guy. Actually I wanted to show some tweaks that I have found really useful. This tuning is needed if you want to avoid any surprises that this airbrush is capable of.

So let’s get started!

Take of the paint cup and pull out the rubber o-ring which provides good hermetic contact between cup and the body of airbrush. The thing is that this seal isn’t good for any car paints as this paint will destroy it in no time.

Now we have to find something to replace it as no seal could cause a blot.


The cap is screwed to the body and paint can get through the thread and drop of paint will stream down to the needle tip. Just a bit of air and that drop will end up on your work. To prevent this you have to do the following:

  • After you take the o-ring out, take a coil stitch or hermetic fiber and coil it around thread on the paint cup.

  • Do not coil too much (one layer is enough)
  • Then screw it back to airbrush body

  • Cut off the rest of the stitch

Now you can use any paint you want.
Wait! I haven’t finished yet!

You need to make a lid for your cup (especially if you work with water colors). Nobody wants to splash paint all around himself. So what do you need?

  • lighter (or anything you can make fire with)
  • piece of metal wire
  • knife
  • lid from camera film roll

I hope that it won’t be a problem for you to get that film roll (of course without film).

Cut that lid as shown on the picture.

Now heat up one end of the wire and pierce a hole into your lid.

As You can see the result is a nice lid that prevents the paint to splash around no matter how strong is the air pressure or your motivation.

I use only double-action airbrushes, that means that trigger has two functions. When You push it down you open the air valve and when you pull it to the rear the paint valve will open as much as far you pull the trigger. That means that artist can control the flow of air and pain independently.

Remember The Golden Rule of Airbrush : Start with air, Finish with air. Never start with paint! Tweet This!

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4 Comments on “Tuning of Airbrush Evolution Two in One”

  • So simple to do but i would never thought of using a film roll….need to try and find one now ;)

    • Well, I wouldn’t think of that myself but I know people that spend time looking for cheap solution and they come up with all kinds of ideas. Thank Mat for leaving a comment, I hope you will find it as now it can be very difficult, everyone uses memory cards ;)

  • Where do you get “coil stitch” or “hermetic fiber” ?

    • Hi Seph,
      Sorry for these therms I used, actually I meant a fiber used for sealing water pipes connections. I don’t know the exact name but I think that if you visit any plumbing supply store, you will find it there.