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Recently I received e-mail from a guy who just wanted to thank me for an advice which I didn’t even think anyone has read. Here is the message from Douglass Asselstine :

I am a semi retired airbrush artist and really appreciate your info about using 10W40 oil in my DIY compressor. Once someone told me to use regular compressor oil in my BADGER air compressor. Man, did they fry! Of course later I learned that oil contains wax. The lesson we learn? So, Your commentary explained why using air conditioning oil failed and I had to replace my motors so many times. Incidentally, I use a furnace fan directed on my motors to keep them cool.

Then he gave me a great tip for cleaning of airbrush. I think my readers could find this tip very useful.

When it comes to cleaning your airbrush I have found a mixture of window cleaner and about one quarter of Ammonia works extremely well cleaning acrylic paint and it doesn’t affect the paint if a little seeps into the bottle.

By the way I decided to check it out. I’ve even found in one of the forums someone recommended not to use Ammonia what so ever as after extensive usage of this cleaning mixture Ammonia could have a damaging effect on metal (so, if your airbrush is made of metal be careful and after use of this mixture try to use soapy water, at least).

I want to thank Douglass for his effort, but still it is not the main reason of this article. Douglass decided to give me some tips on how to airbrush venetian blinds. That was one of his specialties. If any of you would try to google that, you probably won’t find any one doing it. So, here is a few shots about blinds.

Some blinds below like the panther are about 8′ tall, the larger sailing ship about 7′ tall, the geese 6’x5′ and the rhino is about 5’x4′.

So, needless to say you need a tall easil that will hold them with an extension. That makes them easier to handle and you are able to raise and lower them to eye level so you don’t lose your perspective and tire you back while you work on them.

Awesome… Thank You Douglass!

Douglass Asselstine Web

If you want to see more airbrush art by Douglass I recommend you to visit his website above. Douglass promised to send more details later. I will keep this article updated as soon as I get some more info.

This fact just proves I’m doing a good job by writing all this stuff and that there are people that find it usefull…don’t you?

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  • That’s pretty amazing work. I don’t know anything about airbrush art, so I couldn’t have imagined that such fine work could be done with it. It’s beautiful work.

  • Im only beginning in this art, but this I thought was an origonal idea I had. LOL Guess I was wrong. Great stuff man

    • Thanks man. I hope you have some art to share. I think we all will appreciate if you send us some preview ;)

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